Will a SSV valve work with any water meter?2018-03-17T17:42:23+00:00

Fortunately, the majority of water meters are compatible with SSV Valves, Other instances include a maximum capacity and the use is to a crucial process, as with a cooling tower or manufacturing procedure. Our experienced installers will inform you if it wouldn’t be beneficial to install an SSV Valve. It is important to note that water systems used for distribution of firefighting water should never be installed with an SSV Valve.

Are there any legal or safety issues when installing a SSV Valve?2018-03-17T17:40:45+00:00

It is completely legal for the SSV Valve to be installed on the user side of the water meters as long as it is on your property. It is important to follow all municipal laws, codes and plumbing practices in your region when the installation is completed. The SSV is safe for contact with potable water and is meets the NSF / ANSI 61.

Will the SSV Valve effect my pressure?2018-03-17T17:39:28+00:00

There is a nominal effect of the SSV Valve on water pressure for systems that perform at or below 65 PSI, ranging from 1% to 4% with respect to local conditions, which is imperceptible to the typical consumer. For systems that are higher than the suggested 60 PSI and a functioning pressure reducer is not present, a dip in pressure may be noticed due to the original pressure being too great before the SSV installation.

How does the air cost me money?2018-03-17T17:37:56+00:00

The Positive Displacement technique is used to calculate water consumption in nearly all water meters. These meters measure the volume of water moving through the pipe but in addition to water; it also evaluates the total volume of air and water collectively.

How much money can I expect to save?2018-03-17T17:37:05+00:00

The following considerations will control the amount of money you can expect to save: the quantity of air within a line at a specific period of time, the PSI or city pressure, and the GPM or flow rate and capacity. There is not a feasible way of forecasting the exact savings since so many factors can affect the result. However, the savings experienced by our consumers has been as much as >30%. From the moment the SSV is installed, you will begin to save money.

Does my water contain air?2018-03-17T17:35:33+00:00

It is a fact that your water line does contain air. This was the intention when water systems were developed in an effort to avoid air block and hammering complications. However, the exact quantity is not consistent and other influences can change the amount of air throughout the day. Some of these factors include the specific type and conditional state of the water supply system, as well as water pressure and temperature.

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