Will a SSV valve work with any water meter?

Fortunately, the majority of water meters are compatible with SSV Valves, Other instances include a maximum capacity and the use is to a crucial process, as with a cooling tower or manufacturing procedure. Our experienced installers will inform you if it wouldn’t be beneficial to install an SSV Valve. It is important to note that water [...]

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Will the SSV Valve effect my pressure?

There is a nominal effect of the SSV Valve on water pressure for systems that perform at or below 65 PSI, ranging from 1% to 4% with respect to local conditions, which is imperceptible to the typical consumer. For systems that are higher than the suggested 60 PSI and a functioning pressure reducer is not [...]

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How much money can I expect to save?

The following considerations will control the amount of money you can expect to save: the quantity of air within a line at a specific period of time, the PSI or city pressure, and the GPM or flow rate and capacity. There is not a feasible way of forecasting the exact savings since so many factors [...]

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