How Much of Your Water Bill is Made Up of Air?

Your Business Looks for Cost Savings – A great place to do that is how much the company is paying for water

Can You Get the Water Company to Charge You Less?

Can you stop the sun from shining? The answer to both of those questions is no, however, through the technology of SSV Valve you can start paying less right away for the volume of water you are using for your commercial enterprise.

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Can You Cut Your Bill without Cutting Your Water Usage?

Can’t imagine right now that the thousands of dollars you are paying each month can come down any significant amount? But you can! There are dozens in each of the water-use-heavy industries realizing 15-35% savings each month, that’s right, on a monthly basis that money which went to cover the water bill going into expansions in research & development, facilities,  personnel and more.

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What Could You Be Doing With What You Save?

Find out for yourself what installing the SSV Valve can do for your business monthly. We have the spreadsheet formulated so that you can  show the savings that you can realize for your business.

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And see for yourself the actual numbers that you could expect with the valve working for you. Gather your numbers that you have, what you have paid in the past year for the water your commercial location and get it ready to place it in the spreadsheet.

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Compression Zone

Coming in from the municipal or county water source where your location is

Water Meter

Measuring the volume of whatever comes through the apparatus

Regulated Flow

Where the municipal or county connection comes into your property