About Sustainability, Savings Valve

Our Commitment to You

We aim to provide our clients with the latest technology to manage
their water usage costs.

SSV has partnered with leaders in the oil and gas industry to design a
durable, high-quality tested device that is proven. We will guarantee
our product for 10 years. We have had it tested by independent
evaluation. SSV believes in its technology so much, we install for
free and allow you 90 days to see its benefits for your property. We
don’t get paid until you are satisfied. There is no financial risk.

SSV is the leader in this field for the following reasons:

1.     SSV has managed the commercialization of our technology from
its design to its installation. We have taken the time to work on-site
with our clients to modify our product until it meets the needs of the
property and its unique water usage environment.

2.     SSV has processes and procedures in place that guarantee we
don’t install and leave a property until its water system has been
checked and conforms to the preinstall expectations of our clients.

3.     SSV will replace any valve during the 10-year warranty period
at our expense.

4.     SSV will bring mechanical engineers on-site to plan install
with facility managers to eliminate disruptions if needed.

5.     SSV’s staff has experience in healthcare installations and
other sites where continuous water access is required and maintained
during the installation process.

6.     SSV has installed in many regions and system configurations and

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